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look , i literally can’t stress how cute this deleted parks and rec scene is and im about to lose my fucking shit.

Im in love with Chris Pratt

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theres a giant burning orb in the sky and it can burn your flesh, it can give you diseases, it can kill you, looking directly at it causes physical pain, and we all think this is okay. we like this orb.  we like to go outside and lie around on our backs when this orb is in the sky. children draw cute pictures of this levitating death orb with a smiley face on it. what is wrong with us

Ah but without this orb we all Fucking die

Ok so me and my friend where having a hard time finding something in a text book and my friend yelled fuck this book then the teacher stands up and says NOT THE CLASS BOOK!! YOU HAVE YOUR OWN FOR A REASON. Then the whole class got quiet




Ive just made this tumblr because one night while i should have been writing an essay i was contemplating if it would be possible to follow every single person on tumblr. wow. thats a lot of people. will it be possible? im gonna find out. please reblog this and spread the word.

if i see a plus next to your name i will click it no questions asked. please help me on my journey.

*original pokemon theme song plays*

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idk how id survive without water <3

You wouldnt

haha. i feel like that sometimes too. glad someone loves water as much as i do :)

No you seriously couldn’t survive without water, it’s something that everyone needs. WE HAVE TO HAVE IT TO LIVE YOU FUCKING RETARD

reblog if you feel the same way about water!

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